VAG turns 150.
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The name of VAG is born

Time of birth

In 1924, the introduction of the Rentenmark, a temporary German monetary unit, stopped the hyperinflation in Germany. A worldwide economic boom begins – the Golden Twenties. This is also the time in which the name VAG was born.

On 12 February 1925, the articles of association of a joint distribution company are set up. Seven companies that had been fierce competitors before are working together from now on:

  • Bopp & Reuther
  • AMAG-Hilpert-Pegnitzhütte AG Nürnberg (from 1947: KSB Werk AMAG) (pumps & valves)
  • Guss- & Armaturenwerk KG, Kaiserslautern (foundry & valves)
  • Klein, Schanzlin & Becker AG, Frankenthal (later on: KSB Aktiengesellschaft Frankenthal) (manufacturer of pumps)
  • Maschinen & Armaturenfabrik vorm. H. Breuer & Co., Frankfurt/Höchst (later on: Breuer-Werke GmbH, from 1966 Buderus‘sche Eisenwerke, Wetzlar) (manufacturer of machinery & valves)
  • Pörringer & Schindler, Zweibrücken (from 1991: P+S Armaturen) (manufacturer of valves), and
  • A.L.G. Dehne, Halle (later on: VEB-MAW, Magdeburg) (foundry, machinery and valves)


The new
company is given its name: 
Armaturen-Gesellschaft” – VAG

A total of 40 employees, selected from the founding companies, move into VAG’s offices in Mannheim’s Augustaanlage in November. In 1927, the worldwide sale of valves under the name of VAG begins.