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Carl Hermann and Fritz Reuther

A change of generations

In 1899, the founder’s son Carl Hermann Reuther becomes an authorised signatory and in 1904 a shareholder of the company. His brother Fritz also joins their father’s company.

On 1 January 1904, founder Carl Reuther, then aged 59 and of weak health, decides to admit his son Carl Hermann together with his son in law Otto Boehringer as shareholders into the company. The three shareholders were to jointly be at the helm of the company for another four years. People said about Carl Reuther that he was “a works manager of exceptional stature, a man with a sincere character”. His younger brother Fritz, who had already had the chance of accompanying his father on business trips, joins the company in the same year at the age of 22. Dr Fritz Reuther was the social conscience of the company at all times. Reports about him stated: “You have to have seen him in the circle of his employees, no matter if it’s a labourer or a director. If someone has problems, he goes to the “Doctor” and he will always find a sympathetic ear.”