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Relocation to Mannheim’s Waldhof suburb

A giant step

The company is thriving. In the year of its 25th anniversary, no room is left in Mannheim’s Neckarvorstadt district for the company’s extension.

It is in Waldhof, a suburb of Mannheim, where Bopp & Reuther purchases a plot sized 165,000 sqm and first builds a foundry. The relocation of the water valves, steam valves, pumps and finally the water meter departments follows – an enormous logistics undertaking that takes quite a few years to complete.

In the year 1903, all 650 employees have moved to their modern workplace here. Besides the foundry, there is also a leatherwork facility on the site. Here, the drive belts of the machines and seals for hydrants are made from leather. The company’s product range is extended by suction and pressure valves, gas valves, pumps, deep wells (tube wells) and valve wells. Water supply systems for entire cities are being created.