VAG turns 150.
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For brew kettles, barley steeping tanks and latrine vaults

Ladle gates

In the 50th year of its existence, the company already offers valves for wastewater applications. Here’s an example.

Around the 1920s, the company already offers an amazing variety of valves for water, gas and steam applications. The focus is always on solving problems with sophisticated technology. There is no lack of tasks – and sometimes the requirements for breweries are the same as those for public conveniences.

The design of the ladle gate – here’s a picture from 1919 – ensured that no deposits built up in the body.

And this is why the company’s product catalogue (published as an elaborate printed publication at that time) praises this achievement as follows:

“Instead of the plug cocks which are hard to operate and often become leaky, it is an advantage to use ladle gates because of their ease of operation and perfect leak-tightness in brew kettles, brewer’s coppers, barley steeping tanks, latrine vaults etc.”

Deposits in bodies are an old yet always current issue in the wastewater area. The highly specialised valves made by VAG are used in wastewater systems all over the world.