The EKN-H Butterfly Valve

The sustainable ones

The EKN-H Butterfly Valve

The EKN-H Butterfly Valve, a double-offset, resilient-seated flanged butterfly valve, sets standards for the highest requirements in the valve market.


Its hydrodynamic design combines durability with energy efficiency ensured by a patented disk, a medium-free bearing and a valve seat that is wear and corrosion resistant as well as infiltration proof thanks to its weld overlay.

A new definition of efficiency and sustainability.

In the operation of a VAG EKN-H® Butterfly Valve, the savings potential is up to 59% CO2 compared to a conventional butterfly valve.2


Our patented hydrodynamic disk reduces flow resistance with maximum success, precisely tailored to the needs of each customer.


VAG EKN® H Butterfly Valve

Efficiency and sustainability redefined

  • Patented flow-optimized flap design: Guarantees low
    pressure loss and extended service life by reducing
    turbulence and cavitation. Significant energy savings are
    possible thanks to reduced flow resistance.
  • Patented seat geometry: High-alloy hardfacing reliably
    protects against corrosion and undermining of the seat.
    Flat and specially machined seat design ensures permanently
    low actuating torques.
  • Patented wedge pin connection: Ensures a permanently
    backlash-free connection between shaft and pulley
    as well as a safe and permanent power transmission for
    maximum service life.
  • Bearing system: The bronze bearing and the double
    O-ring sealing ensure effective corrosion protection of the
    bearing. The bearing system is therefore 100% protected
    from the medium.
  • Nominal pressure range PN 10 / 16 / 25
  • Nominal diameter DN 150…1200
  • Body and disc made of ductile cast iron
    EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG-40), seals and O-ring made of
    EPDM, shafts made of stainless steel 1.4021, seat made of
    high-alloyed weld overlay
  • Overall length according to EN 558, basic series 14
  • Inside and outside epoxy coating according to
    GSK guidelines
  • Patented hydrodynamic disc, shaft connection
    and flow-optimized channel and seat design
    Pressure test according to EN 12266 and DVGW certified