VAG DUOJET-i Automatic Air Valve with radio transmission

The smart one

VAG DUOJET Automatic Air Valve with radio transmission

The intelligent DUOJET-i Automatic Air Valve allows the monitoring, evaluation and transmission of all operating states of a pipeline which can supply conclusions about the entire pipeline network.

Thanks to the smart technology, information about possible damage or critical operating states can be obtained at an early stage, which can be used to quickly localise damage and protect the entire long-distance water supply system.

Intelligent monitoring combined with tried and tested precision made by VAG.

Reference 1

  • Lake Constance water supply system, Germany
  • Pit installation
  • Measuring of the operating states of the DUOJET-i in several places along the long-distance water supply pipeline
  • Encryption of data to ensure data protection against unauthorised access
  • Combination of digital measuring of the operating states and automatic flushing for protection against germ infestation
  • Since 2018

Reference 2

  • Beijing, operating company of the Winter Olympic Games, China
  • Installation along the 35 km long-distance water supply pipeline
  • Continuous measuring to obtain information about leaks or pipe breaks
  • Installation of smart air valves and the related software platform
  • Since 2022


VAG DUOJET®-I Automatic Air Valve

  • Monitoring, evaluation and transmission of all operating conditions
    of the VAG DUOJET SMART Automatic Air Valve.
  • Indication of openings for air supply.
  • Early detection of defects and critical operating conditions.
  • Localization of defects.
  • Warning messages in the event of defects.
  • Unrestricted access via mobile phone and cloud computing.
  • Data analyses with conclusions regarding the entire pipeline
    network are possible.
  • The smart device transmits the data to the cloud solution via
  • The cloud solution allows the visual display of the data.
    Conclusions regarding the operating condition of the entire
    pipeline network can be drawn based on algorithms.
  • The data can be transmitted to a SCADA system from the
    cloud solution.
  • Transmission of warning messages by SMS or email in the
    event of critical operating conditions.
  • The sensor equipment can be mounted to the standard body.
    This allows the retrofitting of already installed valves with the
    smart device.