On the way to “instruction”

“Our technical consultation service will instruct you on our entire product range with the aid of models” … “Our technical consultation service will instruct you on our entire product range with the aid of models” … … says a VAG brochure from the year 1966. The VAG consultation service, which is equipped with special vehicles, […]

Quick house connection

The basic idea of a modified bayonet plug-in connection was inspired by the VAG BAIO®plus system. The patented VAG TERRA®lock plug-type system for house connection applications offers a great variety of options for the fast and easy installation of new house connections, in refurbishment works and wherever space is limited. The diverse combination options of […]

A quite remarkable valve!

At the IFAT ENTSORGA 2012 in Munich VAG presents its new VAG PICO® Pilot-Operated Control Valve. It serves for the reliable control of pressures and filling levels of tanks. No local electrical infrastructure is needed for the operation of the control valve as it is controlled by its own medium, i.e. completely independently.

The beginning of an era

Here the founder has the floor. Carl Reuther’s report on the development of the first hydrant: “I’m now going to talk about the second subject, the hydrant. In previous years, when the supply of cities with water began, each site engineer had to design the hydrant himself, and this is how, in 1867, I came […]

Fire extinguishing power

The company sets new standards with this industrial hydrant. For its development, the VAG team cooperated closely with the Turbomachinery Chair of the University of Kaiserslautern. The result is the flow optimised internal geometry of the hydrant. It allows a significantly increased flow rate and the quality of the materials the hydrant is made of […]

The annular slide valve

The streamlined predecessor of the RKV and RIKO Plunger Valves In 1932, Bopp & Reuther developed the so-called annular slide and metering valve, the predecessor of today’s plunger valve. The idea came from America at that time. The installation of venturi metering tubes together with gate valves in a pipeline needed a lot of space […]

The years of apprenticeship

“A training workshop is probably the investment which is the most significant for the future development of a company.” With these words, Carl Reuther, the founder’s grandson, opens a ceremony to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company’s own training workshop. In these 25 years, 1800 apprentices completed their training at Bopp & Reuther. The […]

Norms and standards

There’s no need to despair! When it comes to international standards and norms, VAG is always pleased to help its customers. This drawing was shown on the front page of an information folder from the year 1982.

VAG UseCAD® 1.0

Its wide range of application options makes the VAG UseCAD® the universal planning software for diverse user groups. The software helps users to find the right valve for the intended application purpose, to determine suitable nominal diameters for specific flow rates and to design plants in a manner that prevents cavitation. The software is published […]

Think twice, William!

Even though Mister William Scrooge was not listed in any card file, he was a very well-known customer in the late 1980s: William has to pay for it while his competitor Peter Smart can relax and lean back. Marketing in the 1980s: Messages were put across by way of cartoons and slogans. The plot is […]