Blue is the new red

The standard colour of VAG valves changes from red to blue. This change is in line with VAG’s membership in the Gütegemeinschaft Schwerer Korrosionsschutz von Armaturen und Formstücken (GSK – Quality Assurance Association for Heavy-Duty Corrosion Protection of Valves and Fittings). The quality association is a joint organisation of the largest valve manufacturers aiming at […]


The company’s employees at the Mannheim location keep developing, designing, casting iron and assembling. Here a hollow-jet discharge valve will soon see the light of day. Foundry, turnery, assembly, test bench: After a thorough function test, the valve will leave Mannheim and reach its destination in Mexico a couple of weeks later. A growing market: […]

The invention of the EKN

The technical and economic advantages of this new type, which was presented in 1976, revolutionise the use of valves in water supply. Compared to its predecessor, a shut-off valve with centric bearing, the innovation of the new type is the double-eccentric bearing of its disk. Through the shift of the point of rotation, the seal […]

The BETA Gate Valve

Everybody knows it. 1968 was the time of birth of the VAG BETA® Gate Valve. As the first patented resilient-seated gate valve with a fully rubber-coated wedge, the VAG BETA® Gate Valve is launched in 1968. Up to the present day, it is regarded as synonymous with resilient-seated gate valves in water supply worldwide. The […]

Who knows the Kreuter brake?

This patented valve goes back to a design by Professor F. Kreuter. It belongs to the valve range of our company in the 1920s. What is it used for? According to its original description, the Kreuter brake serves e.g. “for the safe discharge of water under high pressure from bottom outlets of dams”. Tasks that […]

Under high pressure

It is not only one but three male models that have to stand still for the photographer in order to demonstrate the size of the valve. It is not only one but three male models that have to stand still for the photographer in order to demonstrate the size of the valve. It is not […]

Ladle gates

In the 50th year of its existence, the company already offers valves for wastewater applications. Here’s an example. Around the 1920s, the company already offers an amazing variety of valves for water, gas and steam applications. The focus is always on solving problems with sophisticated technology. There is no lack of tasks – and sometimes […]

Hot stuff

The past oil price crisis is one of the triggers for the beginning of heating planning and the rise of district heating in many European countries. In Germany, the ZIP programme (German abbreviation for Future Investment Programme for Cities) causes district heating to boom. Mannheim is one of the first cities to take part. As […]

Visitor Center

Flow, water power, cavitation – you can watch VAG valves in operation in the Visitor Center that was opened in 2006. After extensive construction works, VAG opens a Visitor Center where valves are shown in their respective areas of application. There’s bubbling and rushing noises and movements. Water phenomena such as cavitation can be experienced […]

Electro-mobility 1.0

The water valves made by our company weigh tons, and in 1910 they were mainly shipped by railway. The railway network was operated by the Prussian state railways. The state railways were only just beginning to replace the old steam locomotives and to check the use of single-phase alternating current to drive railway vehicles. From […]