On the way to “instruction”

“Our technical consultation service will instruct you on our entire product range with the aid of models” … “Our technical consultation service will instruct you on our entire product range with the aid of models” … … says a VAG brochure from the year 1966. The VAG consultation service, which is equipped with special vehicles, […]

VAG celebrates its 150th anniversary

Come and celebrate with us! At the IFAT 2022 in Munich, which takes place from 30 May to 3 June, we are celebrating the 150th anniversary of our company together with our customers and partners. 150 years of ideas, art of engineering and passion. Millions of valves performing essential functions all over the world. We […]

Majority at JMA

An important milestone for VAG and the Czech company with a long tradition. In 1996, Bopp & Reuther AG becomes the majority owner of the well-known valve manufacturer. At that time, the company also returns to the name of Jihomoravská armaturka, spol. s r.o. Founded in 1881 as a design office and locksmith’s shop in […]

Time of birth

In 1924, the introduction of the Rentenmark, a temporary German monetary unit, stopped the hyperinflation in Germany. A worldwide economic boom begins – the Golden Twenties. This is also the time in which the name VAG was born. On 12 February 1925, the articles of association of a joint distribution company are set up. Seven […]

Visitor Center

Flow, water power, cavitation – you can watch VAG valves in operation in the Visitor Center that was opened in 2006. After extensive construction works, VAG opens a Visitor Center where valves are shown in their respective areas of application. There’s bubbling and rushing noises and movements. Water phenomena such as cavitation can be experienced […]

Electro-mobility 1.0

The water valves made by our company weigh tons, and in 1910 they were mainly shipped by railway. The railway network was operated by the Prussian state railways. The state railways were only just beginning to replace the old steam locomotives and to check the use of single-phase alternating current to drive railway vehicles. From […]

Tactful and conciliatory

When founder Carl Reuther dies at the age of 62, he has already put the continuation of his life’s work into solid hands. The eldest sons Carl and Fritz as well as his son-in-law Otto Boehringer are now at the helm of the company. His widow Marie Reuther, née Altenkirch, takes over his position as […]

A change of generations

In 1899, the founder’s son Carl Hermann Reuther becomes an authorised signatory and in 1904 a shareholder of the company. His brother Fritz also joins their father’s company. On 1 January 1904, founder Carl Reuther, then aged 59 and of weak health, decides to admit his son Carl Hermann together with his son in law […]

A giant step

The company is thriving. In the year of its 25th anniversary, no room is left in Mannheim’s Neckarvorstadt district for the company’s extension. It is in Waldhof, a suburb of Mannheim, where Bopp & Reuther purchases a plot sized 165,000 sqm and first builds a foundry. The relocation of the water valves, steam valves, pumps […]

A brilliant son-in-law

In 1890, Otto Boehringer joins the company. The brilliant engineer and son of machine manufacturer Boehringer, a company based in Göppingen in southern Germany, organises the equipment of the factory with modern machine tools and establishes a highly successful production of water meters. In 1894, Otto Boehringer marries Emilie, Carl Reuther’s eldest daughter, and thus […]